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Share What Makes You happy

Here’s a little song I wrote, not gonna sing it note for note, don’t worry…be happy.
— Bob Marley

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself…the gift of happiness. And when you’re feeling it…for goodness sake, don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the love.

Whether it’s a personal moment of joy, an experience that you’re proud of, a video that made you laugh, a photo that made you smile, a story that made you cry happy tears, or something else…if it’s made you happy, then surely it will bring happiness to others, too.

Sometimes, it’s the sharing itself that spreads happiness, even more than the content. Because you took the time to share something that was meaningful to you, that holds meaning for others.

Happiness, like love, becomes magnified when it is shared with others. You don’t need a happy challenge, but if that makes it work for you, then go for it.

By sharing what makes you happy on social, you impact so many…those close to you and those around the globe.

Before we know it, if we all start sharing our happies, we may just have a HappinessEpidemic on our hands.

Now wouldn’t that do some good!

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